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Foregenix welcomes Mico Digital as an official partner of its FGX-Web product. Mico Digital now offer FGX-Web to protect their clients' eCommerce websites from increasing threats, attacks and data breaches.

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Mico-Digital has teamed up with Foregenix in order to allow them to continue creating flawless websites whilst being able to provide their customers with a comprehensive security package in order to help protect their environment.

With the amount of attacker activity focused on eCommerce, it’s not so much a question of “if” a website will get attacked, but more so “when” a website is going to get attacked. With this in mind, Mico Digital wanted to be able to build in a specialist website security solution for their clients, with the added support from an experienced web security team – Foregenix.

Mico Digital specialises in delivering highly effective websites for their clients. They offer advice on hosting, SEO, site design and navigation and provide a range of services through to a fully outsourced service for businesses looking for their online business to be taken care of – quickly and securely.

We look forward to supporting Mico Digital as they grow their business. Mico Digital can be contacted via their website.

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Kieran Murphy
Kieran Murphy

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