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Foregenix to join the PCI SSC Global Executive Assessor Roundtable.

We're proud to consider ourselves one of the industry leaders in the cybersecurity arena, and we are constantly striving to share our knowledge with the community. We recently announced our participation in the PCI Security Standards Council's Latin America Forum and now the PCI Security Standards Council has chosen us to join its inaugural Global Executive Assessor Roundtable

The PCI SSC Global Executive Assessor Roundtable serves as a direct channel for communication between senior leadership of payment security assessors and PCI SSC senior leadership.

We are one of 20 organizations that have been asked to join the PCI Security Standards Council’s Global Executive Assessor Roundtable in its efforts to secure payment data globally. As strategic partners, Roundtable members bring industry, geographical and technical insight to PCI SSC plans and projects on behalf of the assessor community.

We are a specialist in PCI Forensics (PFI) and investigate many large organisations’ data breaches. We are also a Point-to-Point Encryption assessor and have recently completed compliance validation for 47% of the world’s P2PE projects, the latest being Africa’s first validated P2PE payment system.Andrew Henwood | CEO| Foregenix

Chief Executive Officer Andrew Henwood comments: ‘I’m pleased we are contributing positively to our industry in lifting cyber security best practice and providing global and regional perspectives and technical insight as the world’s largest self-funded and independent PCI Assessment Company.   

‘We’re looking forward to working with other talented professionals to improve PCI assessor capabilities that will deliver better services and value to merchants, service providers, banks and third parties we all work to protect.’

PCI SSC executive director Lance J. Johnson comments: ‘The Global Executive Assessor Roundtable provides industry expertise and perspectives that influence and shape the development of PCI Security Standards and programs. We look forward to working with Foregenix in our efforts to help organisations secure payment data globally.’

PCI SSC chief operating officer Mauro Lance comments: ‘We need voices from across the assessor community to help ensure we are providing the best standards and programs to support the industry in protecting against today’s modern cybercriminal. We’re pleased to have Foregenix on the PCI SSC Global Executive Roundtable to provide critical insights and help us build on the great efforts that are already being done to increase payment security globally.’

We offer a range of services to alleviate security concerns and achieve PCI compliance, for more information on what we can do to help your business, click below!

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