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We’re very excited to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with Sonassi (part of the iomart group) - a specialist Magento hosting provider. 

This partnership combines the knowledge and experience gained from years of hosting Magento websites with industry-leading forensic skills and the proactive security monitoring and protection solution from Foregenix. Going forward, all Sonassi clients will have access to Foregenix security solutions and capability to protect their websites from criminals.

In addition, Sonassi has launched an innovative and highly supportive Responsible Commerce initiative to provide Magento 1 websites with the skills and finance to enable a smooth and quick migration to Magento 2. Foregenix is a key component of the Responsible Commerce initiative, providing the ongoing security monitoring and protection for all online businesses enrolled in the initiative.

Foregenix Co-Founder, Benjamin Hosack, commented “We are very excited to announce our partnership with Sonassi. We believe that this partnership will bring to the industry a safe and highly skilled team to support the Magento community going forward.

With over 200,000 Magento 1 websites still considering their migration strategy, the combined offering from Sonassi and Foregenix will enable these online businesses to benefit from both the leading Magento hosting provider as well as the most comprehensive website security solution available in the market.

Sonassi Managing Director, Neil Christie, said “The Magento community has been targeted by criminals for the last couple of years, causing considerable damage to many online businesses. Our partnership with Foregenix is a strategic move to bring our clients the best of the best in hosting and website security - a combination of services that will enable our clients to focus on their businesses, knowing that we have their hosting and security taken care of.”

Sonassi Founder, Ben Lessani, commented “Our partnership with Foregenix brings the leading Magento hosting platform together with the leading Magento security solution with the result being a highly effective and scalable solution to support the Magento community."

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Kieran Murphy
Kieran Murphy

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