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Foregenix is proud to partner with ITQ Digital, with the goal of keeping their clients secure on an internet ever-growing with cyberthreats.

With offices in Cheshire, London and Bristol, ITQ Digital is an organisation of eCommerce professionals dedicated to helping small to medium businesses grow their online revenue.  They pride themselves on having experienced team members, being adaptable, approachable and able to work with companies with complex requirements and limited access to skills.
More so, it has many partnerships and connections with companies to aid in helping with all sorts of eCommerce-related projects. Foregenix is one of them.
Using our flagship FGX-Web Website Security Solution, ITQ Digital will be able to ensure their clients safety from malware, skimmers, loaders, and all sorts of online threats that affect UK businesses once every 19 seconds*.
Drew Jefferies, Business Solutions Specialist at Foregenix, said, “FGX-Web is one of the best Website Security options for businesses right now. Both Foregenix and ITQ Digital understand all the costs that go into setting up and maintaining an eCommerce website. Our solution gives those businesses one less problem to worry about, and a big one at that.”
Sarkis Salleh, Managing Director ITQ Digital, said, “When we look for new partnerships we always ensure that they add real value to our clients. Foregenix are an international leader in Digital Forensics, Incident Response, PCI compliance & Cybersecurity, all important topics at the moment. Their mix of technology and experience are the perfect fit for our clients to ensure that they build a culture of cyber security within their processes and not react to it.  Cybercrime is one of the greatest threats to every company in the world at the moment and partnering with Foregenix gives us complete peace that we are not only looking after our client’s online business but also their online security. Online Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it’s a necessity all the time.“
To learn more about ITQ Digital visit their website.
If you’d like to learn more about out FGX-Web Website Security Solution, be sure to contact us:

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Kieran Murphy
Kieran Murphy

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