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Foregenix Partner with Magento Solutions Partner, PushON


We’re extremely happy to announce our newly formed partnership with Manchester based agency PushON.

Over the past few months both parties have forged a strong relationship with one another and agreed a partnership would be the natural ‘next step’.

The partnership was born through PushON recognising the increasing threats that their clients face from attackers within the eCommerce space and have taken measures to ensure they’re protected through Foregenix’s monitoring and protection tools.

View FGX-WebPushON are currently working with some of the UK’s most loved brands and naturally, we’re delighted to be working with them.



Foregenix' Director Benj Hosack commented that “PushON clients now have access to Foregenix' website security solutions which include comprehensive monitoring and protection of the website, a UK-based managed service and a Cyber Security Warranty. This means that these business owners can get on with what they do best, knowing that they have a highly skilled team, with a market-leading website security solution protecting their online businesses.

PushON’s digital director Sam Rutley is delighted with the partnership. “We only partner with companies that pass our strict vetting because our business depends on it – and security in particular is too important to be careless about,” he said. “We were completely reassured that Foregenix will keep our clients and their customers’ data secure, which means they can focus on offering great eCommerce and growing with confidence.”


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