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The clock is ticking and we are swiftly moving toward the GDPR deadline, with organisations of all shapes and sizes preparing themselves for the new regulations. To help our clients identify the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and sensitive data that is at the heart of the regulation we've strengthened our compliance services by partnering with data discovery specialists, Ground Labs.

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The new collaboration will enhance our ability to meet the requirements of organisations to locate a diverse range of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which is now a prime target for cyber criminals. 

Ground Labs ‘Enterprise Recon’ finds sensitive PII by searching for specific over 200 data formats including passport numbers, National Insurance Numbers and 16-digit credit card numbers, which may be stored in numerous locations across an extended organisation. Once discovered, action can be taken to safeguard or remove the data altogether.

The Ground Labs solution replaces our own FScout card scanning product. Richard Jones, our business development manager for strategic partners comments: “FScout served clients well, but customer requirements are changing to locate a much broader range of data assets than covered by PCI DSS. Ground Labs' solutions meet the new compliance challenges organisations face.”

“Whilst GDPR is yet to come into effect, having an intimate knowledge of what data your business requires, how it is used and how it flows around the organisation will be essential for achieving and maintaining compliance with GDPR. And for those leaving it late, our experience shows it pays to know at the start of a compliance project what PII there is and where it’s located. It is the ‘unknown, unknowns that will often catch you out’. "

We started offering Ground Labs solutions and supporting compliance services to our global client base in September 2017. John Cassidy, VP at Ground Labs comments: “Foregenix has a strong understanding of how to deliver compliance for privacy and data security. The global reach of its support services provides a great fit with our technology, which is already used for PCI DSS and GDPR projects.”

Our Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder Benjamin Hosack adds: “Ground Labs offers best in class solutions that improve our current capabilities as well as complement our leading cyber security software such as Serengeti and FGX-Web.

“Having a structured approach to identifying the PII data across and organisation will help organisations understand how to secure and manage that data effectively." 

“With Ground Labs' solutions our clients have the option of using best in class solution to help identify PII data and monitor for any PII data leaks that could expose a business to unnecessary risk.”

GDPR isn't all fines and negativitiy though, join Richard Jones in his blog post as he discusses the 5 reasons why GDPR isn't all about fines. 



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