Website Security Webinars Series

Foregenix Forensic Team Webinars

The Foregenix Forensic Team are leaders within the payment card industry for our forensic capabilities and experience.  We have seen increasing numbers of businesses falling victim to attacks - both in the online (e-Commerce) world, the card present world (retailers, hospitality) and MOTO world (Mail Order Telephone Order).  

By far the most attacked and most successfully compromised market sector is the online e-Commerce world.  Interestingly most attacks fall into 3 categories/types of attack:

  • Shopping cart vulnerabilities
  • Injected Code
  • SQL Injection

These vulnerabilities can found in huge numbers of websites and as a result, attackers are constantly identifying vulnerable websites and stealing their customer data - customer personal details, credit card numbers, passwords etc.  

It is a nightmare scenario for any business to face and can lead to business closure in extreme cases.

As we have amassed a lot of really useful information on the developing attack trends, we have decided to run a webinar series for business owners and web developers focusing on the three most prevalent attacks - as outlined above.

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