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What would you do if you were faced with

1,879,901 lost data records
£550,000 lost revenue
& 2,476 phone calls from concerned customers?

The clock is ticking - and a breach is almost inevitable. Build your Incident Response Plan with Foregenix.

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Incident Response Planning

Plan while you still have time. Access our experience, technology and capabilities to prepare for rapid response and incident containment.

When you have an attacker inside your business, time is of the essence. Foregenix Incident Response Service enables our team to become an extension of your security team - to prepare for, and enable rapid response and incident containment. You have access to our experience, technology and capabilities to rapidly bring the situation under control.

Our team

We are one of the leading forensic teams globally. With over a decade in digital forensic investigation experience, our team have the skills, experience and capacity to help – rapidly and discretely.

Our Technology

Serengeti IR and FGX-Web works in tandem to provide rapid detection of threats, instant analysis and on-going protection of your environments. Which means you get the situation under control quicker and carry on with running your business.

Digital Forensic Investigations

Do you believe you have been breached? Don't panic. Our team is one of the largest in Europe, and deal with indiscriminately targeted organisations across the World every day.

The Foregenix forensic team has been closely involved with the Payment Card Industry since 2004 and our vast experience has enabled us to form close and trusted relationships with the major card schemes, allowing us to assist a wide range of organisations from central banks and global retailers to small e-commerce merchants.

PFI Investigations - a standard investigation for any business that may have lost cardholder data. We have worked with some of the largest financial institutions globally through to the smallest of merchants. Our team has the technical investigation expertise and "C-level" experience to guide an organisation through the challenging process that accompanies a forensic investigation.

PFI Lite Services - designed for small e-Commerce merchants. Our team has the experience, technology and understanding to assist small businesses to deal with a suspected data compromise. Find out more about our PFI Lite Service at www.pfilite.com.

Case Study: Eckoh Entrusts Foregenix, ‘The Friendly Bad Guy’ To Go Behind The Scenes And Ensure Compliance

How much effort does it take to implement an effective Incident Response Plan?

It comes down to how much you understand your environment, but it’s important to note that any Incident Response plan is better than no response plan. After you identify your businesses most critical assets, you need to ensure that your plan in implemented in all areas of the business.

How effective is your current Incident Response Plan?

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