Foregenix provide an experienced, well-supported PA-DSS Compliance Service.

The Foregenix PA-DSS services are delivered by one of the industry's leading PA-QSA teams with substantial experience and skills throughout our team. Our approach is consultative-led and we maintain a flexible approach in supporting our clients through the compliance process.

Pre-Compliance/Gap Analysis - an onsite review and gap-analysis providing a structured framework and guidance to establish a baseline level of compliance and to address areas of non-compliance. This essential service forms the basis of a successful compliance program.

Web Application Testing - a thorough review of the web application logic, with credentials, to identify any security weaknesses or flaws in the application logic. Any issues identified are always explained thoroughly in easy to absorb language and remediation advice is provided.

Final Compliance Audit - an on-site evidence gathering session with a Payment Application Qualified Security Consultant (PA-QSA) that leads to the completion of the final Report of Validation. Upon satisfactory completion, the Report is submitted for final approval to the appropriate card schemes and PCI Security Standards Council.