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Foregenix is a Digital Forensics and Incident Response Specialist.  With a strong focus on the payments industry, Foregenix supports and assists all types of public and private sector organisations, financial services, retail, eCommerce, utility and Government institutions.    

With over a decade of experience within the Payment Card Industry, the Foregenix team is amongst the most well respected within the industry.  With a pre-requisite of having a considerably high technical capability, our team consists of highly experience people from ex-Law Enforcement High-Tech Crime Units, Counter Terrorism Units and specialist digital security firms - skills and experience which form the foundation of our services.

After investigating some of the most challenging, geographcally-dispersed and pervasive data breaches, Foregenix has developed a range of easy-to-use cyber solutions to help business take control of their data and protect themselves from criminals.

From our headquarters in the United Kingdom and with offices in North America, South Africa, Germany and Latin America, coupled with our technology, we offer a global service delivery capability serving clients in all corners of the world.

We specialise in the following areas:

• Compliance
• Digital Forensic Investigation Services
• Security Testing
(Internal and External Penetration Testing, Web Application,
Mobile Application)
• Cardholder Data Discovery Services
• Merchant Risk Reduction Solutions
• Security Training Courses

We are certified by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) for the following:

• PCI Forensic Investigator

PCI Compliance Specialists


The Foregenix team has been closely involved with the Payment Card Industry since 2004 and have carried out PCI DSS assessments, PA-DSS assessments, penetration tests and digital forensic investigations and incident response services on hundreds of organisations during this time.

In addition to the services we provide to our clients, we regularly support the industry, payment brands and PCI SSC with thought leadership presentations, talks and panel discussions. Some of the recent industry engagements can be read on our blog.

Our experience is the foundation of our services, designed to assist our customers in improving their security.



Foregenix was founded with the following principles and purpose:

To provide our clients with the best quality service.
To deliver a valuable, cost-effective service to our clients.
To maintain a personable, flexible approach to our client needs.
To work with a passion for improving the security of our clients.
To create a dynamic working environment, with a team dedicated to delivering high quality services.

We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients,
and our commitment to service reflects this approach.


“Foregenix were a great help throughout our PCI DSS project. They worked collaboratively with us and provided clear, practical, pragmatic and experienced guidance.”

(The Sporting Exchange Limited)

“Our relationship with Foregenix goes much deeper than simple penetration testing and audit services; they have become a trusted partner in the development and implementation of our mission critical security strategy. Through innovations like FScout they are helping ensure compliance is built into the very DNA of our organisation.”

Mark Faithfull
Head of Operations, PrePay Solutions