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Foregenix are global specialists
in digital forensics and information security

From our headquarters in the United Kingdom and offices in North America, Germany, South Africa and Latin America, we offer a global service delivery capability serving clients in all corners of the world

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Built on a solid reputation of trust and reliability, Foregenix are forerunners in information security; simplifying the compliance process and ensuring payment environments are secure.


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Digital Forensics & Incident Response

✔ Forensic Investigations
✔ PFI & PFI Lites
✔ Incident Response Planning
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Penetration Testing

✔ Network Penetration Testing
✔ Mobile App Testing
✔ Application Penetration Testing
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Baked-In Security

After investigating some of the biggest breaches in the world, we have developed a range of cyber security solutions. Simple, effective and low maintenance, our security solutions "Bake Security In" to our clients' businesses - taking care of the dangers of cyber security, so you can get on with your day to day.

Website Security: FGX-Web

✔ 360° Website Protection
✔ Specialist Website Security Support
✔ FGX-Web Protect and Managed Services options
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POS Security: FGX-Store

✔ Serengeti 
✔ FScout Data Discovery
✔ Managed Firewall 
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Has your business been hacked?

If you suspect that your systems have been compromised in any way,
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