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Foregenix are global leaders
in digital forensics and information security

From our headquarters in the United Kingdom and offices in North America, Germany, South Africa and Latin America, we offer a global service delivery capability serving clients in all corners of the world

Leading Footwear Retailer keeps POS
Systems secure with Serengeti Proactive Monitoring


Built on a solid reputation of trust and reliability, Foregenix are forerunners in information security; simplifying the compliance process and ensuring payment environments are secure.


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✔ Forensic Investigations
✔ PFI & PFI Lites
✔ Incident Response Planning
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Penetration Testing

✔ Network Penetration Testing
✔ Mobile App Testing
✔ Application Penetration Testing
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After investigating some of the biggest breaches in the world, we have developed a range of cyber security solutions. Simple and low maintenance, our products take care of the dangers of cyber security, so you can get on with your day to day.


✔ 360° Website Protection
✔ Due Dilligence
✔ FGX-Web Protect and Managed Services options
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✔ Serengeti
✔ FScout
✔ File Integrity Monitoring
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Has your business been hacked?

If you suspect that your systems have been compromised in any way,
or if you'd like us to perform an urgent audit,
please call us immediately:

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Hacked eCommerce Websites and Self-Notification

The number of hacked websites losing payment card data is rising rapidly - and the attacks are becoming more sophisticated, stealthy and continue to remain very lucrative for criminals.  You've all probably heard this before and are tired of the rhetoric.  What you may not have heard before is what it means for your online business if your website gets hacked and loses payment card data.  What are the potential liabilities and what is the industry doing to try to curb the loss of...Learn More