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Combining automated system risk assessment with expert knowledge delivering real time analytics and threat detection.

Why RiskBeacon?

Our expertise lies in quickly understanding the detailed, live and evolving internal risk posture of an organisation.

Foregenix RiskBeacon leverages Foregenix Proactive IR Service and the experience gained in handling over a thousand incident responses and security assessments over the years, which has shown us that the most common entry points into an organisation are usually via vectors as simple as user error or clicking on a phishing email. Once access has been gained, the attackers move laterally, harvest higher value credentials and begin to search for valuable data.

They become you. 

With over 3.4 billion phishing emails sent daily - if one of your team took the bait and “clicked", what would that mean for your organisation?

How easily could criminals break into your critical business systems, infiltrate your organisation?

Foregenix RiskBeacon combines technology with Incident Response experience to provide you with a deep understanding of risk within your business.


How does it work?

As one of the leading IR teams globally, our RiskBeacon service leverages our team's skills, experience and global coverage.  With more than 1,000 Incident Response engagements and security assessments around the world, we have the knowledge to quickly profile the risk posture of a business, detect a cyberthreat and the skill and coverage to act immediately. Utilising our advanced in-house technology, Serengeti, we’re able to quickly assess the risk posture of an environment, as well as detect the subtle, covert activity of a skilled threat actor. 

Rapid and simple to deploy, unparalleled visibility.


Understand your internal risk

Quickly, Effortlessly

Foregenix RiskBeacon is available via a tiered service model beginning with technology automation and experienced human analytics, and extending through to more comprehensive risk assessment combining the skills of Foregenix’ highly skilled penetration testing team.

Foregenix RiskBeacon provides 100% visibility into your endpoint/server assets:

  • Software Discovery and Audit
  • Geo location of Assets
  • Unknown asset identification
  • Connectivity - low/medium/high security access
  • Policy Risk Report, with focus on:
    • Password Policy
    • Firewall/AV
    • Patching status
  • Potentially Unwanted Applications
  • Real time threat activity
  • Third Party Risk Management

RiskBeacon - with forensic DNA

RiskBeacon leverages our Proactive IR Service,  combining our leading technology, Serengeti, and our highly skilled analysts within our Threat Intelligence Group to provide a proactive internal risk analysis, alongside threat detection and response service.

Simple to get started, almost effortless from a client perspective, Foregenix RiskBeacon will provide you with a level of detail into the risk posture of your business that no other service can.  

Our "single pane of glass" visibility enables rapid risk assessment, with ongoing, real-time risk monitoring and reporting.

Foregenix-Team_Image (1)

Our team becomes your team

As one of the world’s leading digital Forensics and Incident Response organisations, we understand risk, we understand cyber criminals and we sit on the sharp edge of the industry, identifying new cyber attack trends as they develop. Foregenix RiskBeacon is the first step in deploying a smart defence to your business systems.

Quantifying your internal risk

Understanding your weaknesses is a critical step to defending a business. RiskBeacon quickly identifies risk & provides monitoring & protection capability.

Understanding in minutes and hours

Gives you clarity, context, and understanding in minutes and hours – not days and weeks.

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Let's protect your business!

We can help you fight modern cyber criminals that are using more sophisticated and aggressive tools to damage to organisations.

Assess the internal risk posture of your business and put a stop to cyber attacks before they ever occur with RiskBeacon.

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