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Serengeti Proactive Security

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Advanced cyber threat detection & prevention

• Industry leading End Point Security technology
• Rapid threat detection & containment
• Incident Response and Management Built In
• Leading research team to defend against threats
• Operational system compliance & health reporting


Advanced End Point Threat Detection and Mitigation

Proactive Protection

Securing the End Point

The battle to protect organisations has shifted to the End Point - within the payment card industry, this is the Point of Sale (POS) System.

Securing the POS System is a challenge to even the world's largest retailers - many of which have been seen in the media being associated with high profile compromises.  For the less-well-resourced organisation, securing the POS is considerably more challenging.

Serengeti Managed Security Service provides Proactive Protection for End Point systems. An advanced End Point Immune System, managed by a team of of the industry's leading security specialists, protecting Payment Card Data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Combining market-leading IR technology deployed in businesses in more than 20 countries around the world, with some of the top security skills and experience in the Payment Card Industry, Proactive End Point security becomes a lot simpler and considerably more effective. 

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Foregenix Managed Threat Detection and Mitigation Service Includes:


Serengeti - End Point Cyber Threat Detection and Prevention Solution from Foregenix, deployed in over 280 businesses in more than 20 countries around the world, and

Canary - a unique, simple and yet highly effective "honey pot" solution from our partners, Thinkst.


Our team becomes YOUR team.

As one of the leading Digital Forensics and Incident Response teams globally, we have the skills to ensure you have an effective security monitoring solution protecting your End Points/POS Systems. Our team will monitor, manage and react to the telemetry provided by Serengeti on the security status of the monitored End Points.

"With Serengeti our team’s ability to respond, understand and contain a security incident in our clients can be measured in minutes and hours."
– Andrew Bontoft, CTO Foregenix.

On Average

Reduce your Mean Time To Detect

When your business is under attack, you need to respond quickly to limit damage and exposure. Traditional IR and forensics is unfortunately slow because traditional technologies produce huge volumes of data – most of which has to be discarded. And of course you need the skills to understand what to look for and what to discard. Foregenix Managed Threat Detection and Mitigation Services reduce the Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) threats, providing clarity, context and understanding quickly (in minutes and hours, rather than days and weeks) of the threat in your business systems. Meaning you can RAPIDLY respond to incidents – and limit the resulting damage.


Serengeti Proactive Security

When you have an attacker inside your business, time is of the essence. With Foregenix Managed Threat Detection and Mitigation Services for End Points – we become an extension of your security team - to enable rapid detection of threats, response and incident containment. We have your back.

Daily Telemetry

Indicators of Compromise

Serengeti provides near real-time telemetry on monitored systems enabling security teams to easily monitor compliance and security status as well as identify unusual processes, communications and system activity - “indicators of compromise”. A proactive view enables organisations to utilise Foregenix technology and team skills to extend their capability in, identifying attacks, reducing Mean Time To Detect and mitigate threats resulting in a considerably more secure business. 

10 Min Setup

Serengeti End Point Immune System

Serengeti is simple to deploy and immediately begins to analyse telemetry. Providing an out-of-the-box End Point Immune System, your business-critical End Points will immediately benefit from intelligence gained through the telemetry, Indicators of Compromise and experience our team and technology have gained through monitoring and protecting more than 280 businesses across 20 countries globally.

Get in touch today to discuss how Serengeti could help you defend your business systems from attack.

Peace of Mind

Foregenix Incident Response Services

Dealing with an incident is a challenging, high-pressure situation. This is why our team is one of the best Incident Response teams globally - and why we should be helping you protect your business:

  • Experience - with >1,000 IR engagements/Security Assessments globally.
  • Serengeti deployed in businesses in over 20 countries.
  • Clients ranging from Central Banks through to small eCommerce businesses.  

We have the team, technology and experience to investigate and contain an incident RAPIDLY.

Learn more about our Incident Response Service.

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