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Intelligent Online Payment Security

In the past 10 years we've handled thousands of cases where vulnerable e-commerce websites have been hacked, leaking millions of customer card data and personal information.

With one of the largest Forensics teams in Europe, this wealth of experience and knowledge has resulted in a web security solution, providing intelligence as well as protection to SME websites all over the world.

FGX-Web contains all the features that can secure an e-commerce website from 99.9% of online attacks. With realtime data analytics, FGX-Web provides clear risk profiling and security posture visibility across an e-commerce portfolio.


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The Secure Seal

The Secure Seal provides a visible reassurance to your clients that you take the security of their personal data seriously, while also acting as a deterrent to attackers. It enables us to securely communicate with your website and look for malware and vulnerabilities.


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Who is Foregenix?

Built on a reputation of trust and reliability, Foregenix is a forerunner in payment security; simplifying the PCI compliance process and ensuring payment environments are secure.

Foregenix is a global leader in digital forensics, information security and innovators in cyber security.

From our headquarters in the United Kingdom with offices in South Africa, Germany, Latin America and North America, we offer a global service delivery capability serving clients in all corners of the world.


"FGX-Web Protect provides enterprise-level protection in a comprehensive, scalable and cost-effective solution."
– Steve Jones, Managing Director at HBS Consultants.


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Our Technologies

We developed FGX-Web to help our Forensic team to deliver rapid incident response for hacked websites. With the advanced IR capabilities built in to FGX-Web, it is a perfect solution to monitor and protect websites.

Our Team

We are one of the leading forensics teams globally. With over a decade in digital forensic investigation experience, our team have the skills, experience and capacity to help - rapidly and discreetly.


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