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Serengeti Lite

Serengeti Lite

Automated Detection and Alerting on Cyber Threats

• Industry leading End Point Security technology
• Operational system compliance & health reporting
• Centralised Reporting
• Rapid deployment







What we do

We developed Serengeti to help our forensic team to rapidly detect and mitigate active threats in an incident response situation - and the technology is highly effective.

Proactive.  Once deployed, over 90% of our clients have requested us to continue monitoring their critical business systems on a long term, proactive basis.

Serengeti Lite is a lightweight end point system compliance and health monitoring solution. As a "lite" version of Serengeti, the solution includes the following benefits working alongside your Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware solutions:

  • Centralised Policy Reporting - estate-wide reporting on key system security policy status.
  • Automated detection and alerting on Indicators of Compromise and potential threat vectors previously identified by Foregenix.
  • Automated detection, mitigation and containment of malware previously seen by Foregenix.*
  • Rapid deployment, with a small footprint.
  • All deployments include remote software support and updates.

Looking for Advanced Threat Detection?

Serengeti Lite deployments can be easily upgraded to the Serengeti Managed Security Service, which includes advanced threat detection and mitigation of threats, as well as being supported by a team of world-class Threat Intelligence Analysts.

Serengeti Lite:

Serengeti Lite - End Point Compliance and Cyber Health Monitoring from Foregenix, deployed in over 1,000 businesses in more than 20 countries around the world. 

"With Serengeti Lite our clients have the ability to view their end point compliance and cyber health across their estate, enabling them to quickly detect potential weaknesses and
issues across their key business systems."
– Andrew Henwood, CEO Foregenix.


Andrew Henwood


Cyber Threat Detection / Cyber Threat Hunting with Serengeti Managed Security Service

Serengeti Lite is easily upgraded to become the Serengeti Managed Security Service, enabling organisations who suspect a threat to leverage the capabilities of Serengeti and Foregenix team of Threat Intelligence Analysts to provide detction and mitigation of the threat.  

Peace of Mind

Foregenix Incident Response Services

Dealing with an incident is a challenging, high-pressure situation. This is why our team is one of the best Incident Response teams globally - and why we should be helping you to protect your business:

  • Experience - with >1,000 IR engagements/Security Assessments globally.
  • Serengeti deployed in businesses across 20 countries.
  • Clients ranging from Central Banks through to small eCommerce businesses.  

We have the team, technology and experience to proactively monitor your business-critical systems to detect, analyse and contain advanced persistent threats RAPIDLY.

Learn more about our Incident Response Service.

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