Free Website Scan

A 'Lite' external scan which will help
you discover:

- Out-of-Date Software
- Website Blacklist
- Externally identifiable Malware
- Out-of-Date SSL Certificates


Penetration Testing

The testing services carried out by Foregenix include:

- External Penetration Testing
- Internal Penetration Testing
- Wireless Penetration Testing


Managed Detection & Response

A highly scalable cardholder data discovery solution which will:

- Scan for PAN numbers, Track 1,2 and 3 data
- Light footprint scanning
- Web-based deployment and management
- Schedule reoccurring and one-off scans

Magento connect whitepaper

Magento Connect Whitepaper - Download

The Forensic Team at Foregenix has identified a number of cases concerning the same method of Brute Force Attack.

If you own or manage any Magento sites, download this Whitepaper to find out how to detect, identify and prevent this malware.

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