Security Essentials



Foregenix Complete Shield helps multi-channel SME businesses protect both their online and in-store businesses, by providing the essential security technology and services to safeguard their customer’s details and data, simply and efficiently.


With cyber-attacks becoming commonplace, SME’s face an increasingly predatory business environment in which attackers are becoming more intelligent and persistent in breaking into their website and in-store payment systems to steal client data – especially credit and debit card data.

Unfortunately many businesses do not have the knowledge, skills or technology to defend against these web-based attacks, resulting in an escalating number of them falling victim to hackers.

In response to this growing threat Foregenix has developed Complete Shield to monitor and protect e-commerce and card present environments, so that business owners can focus on growing their business knowing that they are secure.

Key Capabilities

Using Foregenix’ expertise in data security and forensics, Complete Shield simplifies security and PCI Compliance, abides to the PCI and EU data protection laws and secures their online business.

  • Web Application Firewall filters threatening web traffic
  • 24/7 monitoring and alerting
  • Cardholder Data Scans
  • Website Reputation Management
  • Automatic Malware removal
  • Simplified PCI Compliance
  • Enjoy the support of an expert technical team


  • Baked in security – requires no knowledge of the security technology. Simple.
  • Filters web traffic - Most traffic is friendly, however some is not – Complete Shield monitors traffic to the client website and stops attacks before they hit the website, keeping the website secure.
  • Monitors the payment system - Most attackers are after customer data – specifically customer credit card data. Complete Shield monitors website payment systems and your POS systems and alerts on potential threats.
  • Scans for cardholder data - Also known as PAN Scanning in the PCI DSS industry, Complete Shield carries out frequent checks on your website to make sure you are not storing any customer cardholder data insecurely.
  • Simplifies PCI Compliance - Complete Shield collects and stores all the relevant security events in one central and secure location, provides PCI Compliant File Integrity Monitoring, and pre-populates the relevant PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire. PCI Compliance Simplified.