Website Security

FGX-Web bakes key security controls and monitoring into an e-commerce website to defend against online attacks. With realtime data analytics, FGX-Web provides clear risk profiling and security posture visibility across an e-commerce portfolio.

✔   Advanced online web security solution
✔   Alerts & protects websites from online threats
✔   Deploy enterprise-grade security in seconds


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POS Security

FGX-Store is the security solution specifically designed for SME retail and hospitality environments - providing proactive security monitoring and protection for your payment processing environment including Point of Sale (POS) Systems and back office machines. FGX-Store also provides the vital security to help you become PCI Compliant.

 -  Essential security technology and controls to ensure that your payment environment is secure from hackers
- Attain PCI Compliance easily with PCI Compliant technology and controls and pre-populated Self-Assessment Questionnaire
- Enjoy the support of an expert team and leading research team to defend against emerging threats


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Cyber Threat Detection

Serengeti Cyber Threat Detection Solution & Canary 'honeypots' are your organisation’s “immune system,” monitoring and analysing your endpoints, users, and network activity to identify potential threats in minutes.

Our Threat Detection services include:

- Threat Detection through Serengeti and Canary security solutions (threats include malware, ransomware etc) 
- Expert Investigation into threats
- Rapid Incident Response - with insight colleced by our team, you can responde to an incident in minutes