Have you been notified that you need to perform a PFI Lite?

Don't panic - here's all you need to know.


What is a PFI Lite Investigation?

PFI Lite investigations are a Visa Europe initiative designed for small eCommerce businesses who may have been hacked and lost cardholder data. This is a scaled-down PCI Forensic Investigation designed to provide an investigation and remediation service specifically for smaller eCommerce merchants. PCI Forensic Investigators

The key requirements of a PFI Lite Investigation are to:

  • Ensure that the breach has been contained.
  • Support the migration to a hosted payment page.
  • Review the attack, analyse and identify the potential exposure period.
  • Conduct a vulnerability scan against the website to verify that it is secure.
  • Support the SAQ A or D Completion for PCI Compliance purposes.
  • Produce a report for Visa.


What makes us different?

Firstly, our team. We go the extra mile for our clients...

Foregenix handle more PFI Lite cases than any other forensic investigation team in the European region and have the skills, capability and capacity to quickly assist you. Digital security is in our DNA and we love being able to help other businesses improve their security. 

We go the extra mile for our clients in helping them get their businesses back on track, securely.



Digital security

...Secondly, our technology, included at no extra cost.

We utilise our FGX-Web solution to:

  • Immediately monitor the website for any more web-based attacks.
  • Very quickly carry out PFI Lite forensic investigations.
  • Enable rapid analysis and ongoing monitoring.
  • Enable our team to work quickly, discreetly and in a minimal-intrusive manner.

Included within the investigation is the use of our FGX-Web solution for 12 months to keep our clients’ websites secure.







 Why is this important?

  • Your website has been targeted by criminals. It is highly likely they will be back.
  • The average time between attacks on a previously hacked website is under 5 minutes – “they” know you have been hacked before, so will keep looking for easy takings.
  • An outsourced payment page is no guarantee of secure payments (read our blog for examples).
  • An insecure website can easily have the checkout process modified by attackers.
  • FGX-Web monitors and alerts websites of web-based attacks – enabling you to grow your business, knowing it is secure. 


We can help you through the PFI Lite Investigation and we will also help you to keep your online business secure.

If you’re looking for a safe, knowledgeable, discreet and effective team to help you with a PFI Lite Investigation, please get in touch,

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