Do you run a Magento Website?

We've created a range of tools to help you run your Magento website securely, with reduced fear of compromise.

Get started by using our free, external Magento Malware Scanner, WebScan. 



Step 1: Scan for External Indicators of Compromise


Free Scan

Magento Security Scanner has been built by our forensic team to help you identify Indicators of Compromise and other Magento website vulnerabilities.

This external scanner will scan your website for external indicators of compromise.  

Features:Guided Website Threat Review

  • Magento Cloud Harvester detection 
  • Magento Malicious JavaScript detection
  • Magento Backdoor Trojan Module detection
  • Magento Shoplift Malware detection
  • Includes Email Report sent to your inbox

With thousands of websites scanned through WebScan, we are constantly refining our technology to detect the latest website threats and attacks.  

Step 2: 
Detect internal security issues 

Guided Threat Review

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  • One of our web security specialists will review your initial external scan results and then perform a full internal scan of your website utilising Foregenix FGX-Web technology.
  • We check the site for Magento phantom, webshells, backdoors, harvesting files and more.  We will also monitor the security of the website throughout the course of the review. 
  • Once the Guided Threat Review is complete, we'll provide you with a detailed overview of any findings, as well as a high level scorecard report.


Step 3: Monitor & Protect


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The internal scan will pick up significantly more complex indicators of compromise, which are not detectable with an external scan, such as: 

  • Base 64 Encoded Malware 
  • PHP Backdoor Webshells
  • Harvest Files with Stolen Customer Payment Card Data

All of which are STRONG signs that your website may have been hacked by criminals.


  • The most comprehensive Magento Security Scanning available, including:
    • Magento Phantom Detection
    • Malicious JavaScript Detection(Cloud Harvester and more)
    • Malware Detection
    • Backdoor/Shell Detection
    • Harvesting file detection
    • Harvesting script detection 
  • 24/7 Website Security Monitoring
  • 24/7 Website Protection