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We monitor the security status of over 235,000 Magento sites globally - how does yours compare?


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What does our Magento Security Scan look for?

Updated daily by our Threat Intelligence Group, our Magento Security Scanner will detect:

  • The Latest Magento Malware - card harvesting skimmers/loaders...criminal code.
  • Patching Issues - if your website is missing security patches.
  • If your website is set up insecurely.
  • If there are SSL issues on your website.
  • And more.

We also track a website's security posture over time - check your website out - we may have already been tracking it's security status.  If you include your email address, you will receive an email with a permanent link to your scan results.

Why are we the leading independent Magento Malware Scanning Solution?

  1. Foregenix is a specialist cybersecurity organisation - we conduct Forensic Investigations and Incident Response assistance for more Magento websites than any other organisation globally.

  2. Every new piece of Magento malware we find in the investigations is added to our Magento Security Scanner to detect the latest threats at scale across our customers and partners.

  3. Our Threat Intelligence Group is constantly looking for new threats to Magento to help our scanner to proactively alert organisations of potential problems with their online business.

  4. Our Magento security research can be read here. We monitor the security status of over 235,000 Magento sites globally and provide a regular report on the threats targeting the platform - to educate businesses built on Magento on the simple steps they can take to protect their business. 

  5. We NEVER disclose names of businesses affected - we focus on security, privacy and discretion - and assisting the community.  

  6. Do we focus on Magento only? NO - we monitor the security status of over 11 million sites globally, but we do a have an interest in assisting the Magento community as it has been the most targeted platform by criminals for the last couple of years.  

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Our Magento Website Security Research

We monitor the security status of over 235,000 Magento websites globally and consistently find that over 86.5% are at high risk of being hacked, with 0.5% confirmed already hacked and showing signs of malware stealing payment card data.

Our latest global survey identifies the most significant vulnerability for SMEs is hackers looking to exploit the absence of critical security patches.


Why partner with a website security specialist?

Expertise and time.

You probably have your Magento web developer, web designer and administrator. They are likely to be specialists in design, conversions and sales, but in 99% of cases they have limited knowledge and expertise in website security.

Website security is our area of expertise and our Threat Intelligence Group make sure our clients are protected from the latest cyber security threats targeting online businesses.

Simplify your life by allowing our Threat Intelligence Group to take care of your website security.

You can have peace of mind that your website is being monitored and protected on a 24/7 basis, while you dedicate yourself to growing your business - where your knowledge is most required.

We scan your website for threats/vulnerabilities:
  1. The latest Magento-targeting Malware - Magcart, Cardbleed and derivatives

  2. Outdated software or Security Patches

  3. Ransomware

  4. Magento Backdoor Trojan Module

  5. Unprotected version control

We provide a leading
website security product
  1. FGX-Web blocks millions of online attacks every day

  2. We monitor the security status of over 11 million websites worldwide

  3. FGX-Web is used by companies of every size, including global corporations

Foregenix TIG is unique
  1. Thousands of security incidents every day

  2. Decades of experience from a team with impressive cybersecurity background

  3. Our DFIR work feeds our Threat Intelligence Repository (we know about almost every  threat before most companies do)

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