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"Dealt with Ben and Ryan from Foregenix, I have to say the service and commitment I received was the best. I had spoken to a few other companies however Foregenix were the best in terms of service and price."

Evie Adams - PFI Lite Client

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What is an Acquirer Led Investigation?


An Acquirer Led Investigation (ALI) is a forensic investigation designed for small to medium sized eCommerce businesses who may have been compromised and lost cardholder data. This is a scaled-down investigation designed to quickly get online businesses secured and operating again.

How can we help?

  1. We are specialists in PCI Forensic Investigations - we are quick, discrete, highly experienced and cost effective. 
  2. We provide our FGX-Web Technology to each Acquirer Led Investigation client for 12 months (at no extra cost) - to quickly secure their website AND aid us in accelerating the investigation - with our tech, we can complete the investigation a LOT quicker, all while protecting your business.  We also provide a Breach Protection Warranty with FGX-Web to add an additional level of comfort and peace of mind for you.
  3. We add value, while getting you through this investigation process quickly - and your business will come through this significantly more secure.
  4. We GUARANTEE the most competitive Acquirer Led Investigation rates.  Why?  We consider each new ALI an opportunity to identify new criminal malware - we then create detection rules for the new malware and provide protection for all of our FGX-Web clients against that new malware strain.  It's what keeps us providing the leading website security solution on the market.


What are the Acquirer Led Investigation Requirements?

The key requirements of an Acquirer Led Investigation are to:

  • Ensure that the breach has been contained.
  • Analyse the attack and identify the exposure period.
  • Produce a report for the required parties.

We go a lot further to add value to our ALI clients.

With our FGX-Web Technology and our experienced team, we guarantee our clients the best Acquirer Led Investigation service in the industry at the most competitive rates.

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