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MAC 2019

Las Vegas 

11th - 14th March 2019 

'Protecting the Integrity of the Payment Ecosystem'

Full day of technical updates from Visa, Mastercard, and the PCI Security Standards Council with a focus on changes that will impact your processing environment. Audiences for the Technical Day include staff in engineering, change management, settlement, project managers, product managers, front and back end processing specialists, switch SMEs, and anyone responsible for managing technical or tactical compliance with the card brand and industry regulations.


Mastercard Global Risk 

South Carolina 

6th - 9th May 2019 

Build your network and develop partnerships Learn more about the smartest products and solutions to address fraud and risk in the payments ecosystem Gain strategic insights on how to manage risk through open discussions and pre and post conference workshops lead by experts.


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RSA Conference

San Francisco 

4th - 8th March 2019 

This year’s theme is, to put it simply, Better. Which means working hard to find better solutions. Making better connections with peers from around the world. And keeping the digital world safe so everyone can get on with making the real world a better place. 

RSA Conference is about bringing all cybersecurity professionals together and empowering the collective “we” in the industry. We feel passionately about ensuring diversity and exclusivity (D&I) in every aspect of our events.  




E-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress 


5th - 6th March 2019 

So is it time to tear up the cybersecurity rulebook? This edition of the e-Crime and Cybersecurity Congress will look at the unspoken truths of cybersecurity, the things we all know and say in private, but which must be confronted if the industry is to meet the challenges of this new era. And of course we will also be looking at the latest technologies and third-party solutions on the market to help you improve your security posture.


2019 PCI SSC Community Meeting  


17th - 19th September 2019 


 The PCI Security Standards Council is a global forum for the ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for account data protection.