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Who we are

We develop cybersecurity software and offer consultancy to a global client base.

  • Over 100 staff operating in offices across the globe.
  • A threat intelligence team recruited from cybersecurity government and law enforcement.
  • We offer the latest insights.
  • Provide original research.
  • Delivering knowledge on the ever-changing cybersecurity threats.

What we comment on

Website hacks/Digital forensics - Our Digital Forensics team is one of the largest in the world. 
Malware detection software - We protect websites with state of the art malware detection and prevention software. 
Securing eCommerce and retail environments - We develop cutting edge software to keep businesses secure. 
Cybersecurity industry commentary - We've featured in magazines, radio and online publications. 
Entrepreneurship - We quadrupled our employment base in 2017 and are continuing to grow.
International expansion - Since our initial startup we've expanded into five continents and in 2017 we ranked number 59 in The Sunday Times SME Export Track 100.
Exporting services - In-depth knowledge of the industry allows us to successfully export our services internationally.

Products & Services

Our cybersecurity measures include:                                       

  • Website malware protection (FGX-Web)
  • Malware detection software (Serengeti)  
  • Penetration testing 
  • Digital Forensic Investigations
  • PCI compliance      
  • PA, PIN & P2PE compliance.           

In addition to the services we provide to our clients, we regularly support the industry, payment brands and PCI SSC with thought leadership presentations, talks and panel discussions. 


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Who to contact

Marketing Manager: Kirsty Trainer                                    Public Relations: Rob Baker

Tel: +44 845 309 6232                                                                Tel: +44 7957611834 

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