Has your website been hacked?

Find out quickly using FGX-Web.website_arrow2

FGX-Web provides a unique ability for businesses to detect and protect websites from data breaches in near real-time by:

  • Protecting against further web-based attack.       
  • Monitoring the website for attacks from the “inside” - more accurate and effective.
  • Alerting when it identifies suspected malware – including:
    • Hidden web shells
    • Backdoors
    • Siphons
  • Alerting when it sees unprotected payment card data.

What else do you get with FGX-Web?

  •        A tamperproof seal for your website – alerts for any changes to your website.
  •        Log monitoring – monitor threatening activity on your website.
  •        24/7 monitoring of the security of your website.
  •        Foregenix Support for malware removal*
You can trial FGX-Web for free, giving you the chance to ensure your site is free of malware or potential data breaches. 

*Not included in free trial.