Foregenix FScout is designed to help businesses identify and protect the cardholder data stored within their business systems. Scanning for unprotected cardholder data and providing the essential management tools to continually monitor and safeguard customer data.


With years of forensic experience investigating the theft of cardholder data, we have developed an accurate and highly scalable cardholder data discovery solution to help businesses identify their PCI scope and reduce the risk of a cardholder data compromise.

Key Capabilities

  • Scan for PAN numbers, Track 1,2 and 3 data
  • Light footprint scanning
  • Web-based deployment and management
  • Schedule both reoccurring and one-off scans
  • Centralised scan and estate management


  • Avoid placing your company at risk of data breaches, loss of valuable data, fines and reputational damage by locating the data that is vulnerable to attack
  • Centralised intelligence and reporting: Provides a clear view of the health status of the estate, with granular information on each individual system
  • Easily define your PCI Scope and reduce PCI costs by understanding where your card data lies
  • Customisable scan management allows you to optimise scanning to ensure you gain the most accurate results
  • Light footprint scanning makes FScout perfect for regular scans on host systems to ensure no card holder data is being stored
  • Retain forensic integrity and security by transmitting only the file locations and BIN ranges of unprotected data