Baking Cyber Security into Web Development

logo_hbsAs experts in web development, web marketing and IT solutions, HBS Consultants wanted to protect clients from cyber attacks by providing them with a proactive, intelligent and PCI compliant security solution. To achieve this they turned to Foregenix.

The Challenge

Cybercrime costs businesses across the globe an estimated £265bn* and in the UK alone, 93% of large corporations and 87% of small businesses reported a cyber-breach in the past year.

As specialists in web development, web marketing and IT solutions for the past 21 years, HBS Consultants had recognised the rapidly-growing-and-changing threatscape for online businesses and had been searching for effective web security solutions to complement the host of services that they provide their clients. Finding that most security solutions are complex, expensive and focused towards large corporates with strong security skills, HBS Consultants turned to Foregenix as a security specialist partner to improve the security expertise offered to their clients.

The Solutionhbs_consultants

Whilst website security has always been considered a priority for their clients, the growth in the business, coupled with the increasingly threatening attacks being reported, led HBS Consultants to partner with security specialists to bolster their service offering to their clients.  With a client base of small, medium and large organisations, HBS was looking for an enterprise-grade security solution that could scale easily to protect all of their clients, at a reasonable cost. 

Foregenix FGX-Web Protect was seamlessly integrated into the HBS platform, providing enterprise-grade security with simplified management for HBS Consultants’ clients. The proactive technology provides round the clock monitoring and protection, enabling websites to do business with the confidence their customer data is secure from the threat of hackers.

The Results

Implementing FGX-Web Protect into the HBS Consultants platform was straightforward, with excellent, knowledgeable support provided by the Foregenix team throughout the process. This technology enables HBS Consultants to offer an excellent, enterprise-grade web security solution to their clients at a cost level that even their smallest clients are comfortable with. With the guidance and expertise of the Foregenix team behind them, HBS Consultants is now able to provide their clients with a comprehensive, market-leading, secure online service.   

Since integrating FGX-Web Protect, HBS Consultants has vastly improved the security of their solutions and been able to offer a dramatically improved level of protection. They have bolstered their package offer to all of their client and have uncovered an extra channel for potential revenue.

“As a company we are very conscious of security and see it as paramount and critical to our business and clients. FGX-Web Protect provides the enterprise-level protection in a comprehensive, scalable and cost-effective solution.

“We are always trying maintain our level of security expertise and working with Foregenix has enabled us to improve the security of our clients and adds an extra layer of intelligence to our security knowledge. They have provided us with a well-supported, consultative service every step of the way and with FGX-Web Protect, we are now able to offer an extremely comprehensive, secure and PCI compliant service”. 

Steve Jones, Managing Director at HBS Consultants. 

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