Rapid detection meets rapid containment.

Target, OPM, Belgacom, the NSA: All were compromised months (or even years) before realising it. They spent millions of dollars on security products and services, but when it mattered:

They had no clue!

Every year, hundreds of companies find out that they have been compromised when they are notified by a third party – usually months after being hacked.

Skilful adversaries move laterally within compromised networks for months before locating and exfiltrating a company’s most sensitive of data assets.

Even companies that spend millions of dollars on their security often have no idea if malicious insiders (both external hackers as well as internal employees gone bad) are doing things they shouldn’t.  Often this is because they get inundated with alerts, reports and notifications which builds up a "noise" from all the different systems. This means that malicious activity very easily slips through the monitoring net, unnoticed.

This is a solvable problem!


" With Canary's accuracy and our team's ability, responding to a security incident can be measured in minutes and hours, instead of the months we typically see. This means our ability to understand and contain a security incident is exponentially accelerated. "

Andrew Henwood, CEO, Foregenix


Foregenix Incident Response services powered by Canary changes this.


Canary and Foregenix Incident Response ServicesCanary devices can be set up in under 5 minutes, even on complex networks, and emulate a variety of possible interesting-looking systems right down to their network signatures. They are absolutely indistinguishable from legitimate systems, from a network perspective.


Simply sprinkle Thinkst Canaries around your network, configure your alert settings, and get on with your business. Attackers moving laterally, malicious insiders and APTs will all reveal their presence by interacting with your Canary as the bad guys move laterally within the network, searching for targets.


Unfortunately, to our dismay, many security products promise you the world, if you would just re-engineer your entire network or mould all your processes around them. These products demo well but are often found months later, half configured and barely used. Not so with Canary!


Canary installs in under 5 minutes, and are 100% useful on completion of installation and alerting configuration.


0 Hype. 0 False-Positives. 0 Excuses.rv.png


Nobody wants more alerts and nobody wants even more dashboards. The Thinkst Canary is silent, until you need them to speak up. Not hundreds of alerts, not even tens of alerts. Just one! When it matters.


Canary with Foregenix IR provides our clients with great security technology combined with one of the leading Digital Forensics and Incident Response Teams globally to react when you need them most.




A Winning Combination.


Foregenix delivers Canary in three packages:

1. Pure Canary Technology - you deploy, manage and respond to the Canaries in your network, with architecture and configuration assistance from Foregenix.

2. Canary Technology and IR package - as above and packaged with Serengeti and direct access to our Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) team who are prepared and ready to respond. 

3. Canary Managed Service – As above but with the Foregenix DFIR team monitoring your Canary deployments and responding proactively to alerts.


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