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How FGX-Web protects your online business…


✔ Malware Detection
✔ Unprotected Card Holder Data
✔ Unplanned Website Changes
✔ Webshells/Backdoors
✔ Website Plugin Verification


✔ Rapid Response Forensic Support
✔ Malware Removal Support
✔ Backdoor/Webshell Removal Support


✔ 24/7 Website Protection
✔ Advanced Managed WAF
✔ SQL Injection & XSS Protection
✔ Remote File Inclusion Protection
✔ Site Acceleration - rapid content delivery


✔ PCI Compliance Security Monitoring
✔ Automated/Customisable Detection & Alerting
✔ Managed Service Options
✔ An extension of your team

360° Website Security

Our clients are protected with a market-leading, unique 360° website security solution that requires little security knowledge or experience. We "bake" the security into online businesses, providing a 24/7 continuous threat monitoring and protection service.

Our clients can focus on growing their business knowing that we're taking care of their security.

Advanced Managed Web Application Firewall

A web application firewall (WAF) is the front line of defence for your online business. The FGX-Web Managed WAF protects websites from malicious traffic and threats, while allowing good traffic through. With granular configuration controls, we customise our Managed WAF for each website to ensure that you get the best possible protection for your online business. Setup is simple and quick - your website can be protected in minutes.

Malware/Web Shells/Backdoors and IOC Detection

FGX-Web provides website owners with 24/7 automated malware and Indicators of Compromise (IOC) detection capability. Designed, and updated by our forensic team – one of the leading digital forensic teams globally – you can be assured that any new threats identified through our forensic work will be detected by FGX-Web across all our clients – providing community health to our customers.

With the ability to run on-demand scans, or to set up a schedule for scanning that suits your business, you have the latest technology available to detect malware, backdoors, web shells and other Indicators of Compromise.

File Change Monitoring

One of the first steps an attacker makes to a victim website is to make subtle changes to the website, such as loading a web shell/malware/backdoor to enable them to easily re-access the victim site. Having effective file change monitoring is key to detecting these changes file changes.

File Change Monitoring is included within all FGX-Web plans.

Secure Seal

The Secure Seal provides a visible reassurance to your clients that you take the security of their personal data seriously, while also acting as a deterrent to attackers.

Payment Cardholder Data Scans

While our solutions help online businesses to protect all their sensitive client data, attackers are looking for ways to steal data that is valuable and easy to monetize. If your website handles payment card data and FGX-Web detects unprotected credit or debit cardholder data within your website, your business is at risk and we'll warn you.

Cardholder data scans are available in all FGX-Web plans.

PCI DSS Website Security Monitoring

If your business is processing credit or debit card transactions, you need to ensure that it is PCI DSS Compliant. FGX-Web provides key technology controls to support your compliance program, such as File Change Monitoring, (also known as File Integrity Monitoring), Web Log Monitoring - and with our Managed Web Application Firewall, you will find that your quarterly scans are kept clean - that's because your website is protected. Our support team have years of experience with PCI DSS and are available to assist/support you as you validate your compliance.

Expert Information Security Support

With our unique perspective ads one of the leading digital forensic teams globally, we are accustomed to assisting businesses in high alert. We are security specialists and all FGX-Web clients have full support from our team - whether that is to just answer simple questions, or to get help in defending against an active attack - we are an extension of our client's team.