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New JavaScript Malware Targeting Stripe.js on Magento Websites - Ajax Harvester

Posted by Mike Hinton on 04/04/17 07:53

The Foregenix DFIR team has discovered what is believed to be a unreported piece of malware which has recently been used to target insecure eCommerce websites processing through Stripe, running on the Magento framework.

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Topics: web security, Magento, malware, JavaScript

Magento Security Tips - what can you do to protect your website?

Posted by Mike Hinton on 23/02/17 15:39

The eCommerce sector has seen significant year-on-year growth over the last 5 years. With that growth, the world's most popular eCommerce platform, Magento, has seen seen rapid growth too (currently 26% marketshare globally).

With popularity comes a downside - Magento websites are increasingly becoming the target of attacks by criminals .

Over 60% of breached eCommerce websites assisted by our team in 2016 were Magento-based websites.

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Topics: web security, Magento, malware