App Security

Mobile Applications

Security testing services for mobile applications.

With the proliferation of mobile applications and the advancement of mobile payment solutions, the corporate network has extended beyond the perimeter devices to their end user devices running these applications. As a result the corporate threatscape has changed and such organisations may find themselves being exposed to new types of security threats.

Security associated with mobile applications can often be identified and mitigated through security testing. Foregenix offers two types of Mobile App Security Testing Services to help organisations identify security threats in their own mobile applications, or supplier mobile applications.

Mobile Application Penetration Test - aimed at identifying vulnerabilities within the application that may be exploited to access privileged information within the mobile application, or to launch an attack on other applications loaded on the mobile device.

Mobile Application Source Code Review - a thorough review of the source code to identify vulnerabilities within the code and/or application design.

Mobile platforms that our team have experience with are:


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