Foregenix Airline Industry Security and Compliance


"As the association that represents 250 of the world's airlines, we keenly support the development of more intelligent and robust data security within our sector.

The travel-sector-specific experience that Foregenix has developed and brings to the airline industry will certainly benefit the airlines and our partners in improving their payment security." 

Pascal Buchner, Director ITS & CIO at IATA

With years of global experience working within the travel sector, Foregenix has formed a specialist unit within their consultancy team to assist airlines, airports and associated service providers and related businesses with their data security challenges and PCI DSS Compliance.

It is only through the experience that we have gained in working with the industry’s largest association, airports, airlines, Data Processing Centers, Global Distribution System suppliers and travel agents that a professional security organisation can provide truly knowledgeable and well-supported advice and guidance for the many complex challenges this industry face daily.

In addition, our dedicated team is fully focused on advising multiple organisations on the security, compliance and intricacies associated of the Common Use Environment.

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